Why List Your Book with Us

Are you a brown or black author passionate about creating books for children? We invite you to list your book with us and be part of our mission to improve literacy and representation among brown, black, and underrepresented children.

Here’s why you should consider listing your book with 1K Brown Book Literacy:

1. Targeted Audience: Our initiative focuses on sharing books specifically written for brown and black children. By listing your book with us, you reach a targeted audience that is actively seeking diverse and inclusive literature.

2. Amplified Visibility: Our platform offers increased visibility for your book. We curate a catalog that showcases diverse narratives, and by joining our collection, your book will reach a broader audience of readers, educators, and parents passionate about representation in children’s literature.

3. Impactful Contribution: By listing your book with us, you contribute to our shared goal of promoting literacy and empowering young minds. Your work becomes part of a movement to create a more inclusive and equitable reading experience for children from newborn to age 6.

4. Community Engagement: As part of our community of authors, publishers, and educators, you have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful discussions about representation, literacy, and children’s literature.

5. Supportive Environment: We foster a supportive environment for authors, providing resources and promoting collaboration. We believe in uplifting voices and stories that celebrate diversity and inspire young readers.

Join us in making a difference through literature. List your book with 1K Brown Book Literacy and contribute to shaping a more inclusive and representative literary landscape for children.

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